Udaan ERP


    Udaan is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that covers all aspects of modern business like Financial Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Inventory & Materials Management, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality Management, Project Management, Logistics, Human Resource & Payroll Management.

    Udaan has been developed by 4Cplus a leading IT company based in Delhi, India which is a major global IT hub. 4Cplus is a 20 year old IT company with enterprise installations in Africa. Udaan has been developed based on the core 4Cplus solutions that include the best practices of different businesses of Africa. It is a solution developed for African businesses and their complexities. It has general modules for all industries and industry specific solutions for most industry verticals. The system can be customized and tailor made to meet the requirements of your industry or organization.

    Udaan means to soar or fly in Hindi. It is a platform that has been created to unleash the true potential of your business and to let it soar to the true heights it deserves. So click here or email udaan@udaanerp.com to give wings to your business.